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Can I Retake AP Exams If I Do Poorly?

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The answer is yes! If you don’t do well on an AP exam, you can retake it the next time it’s offered the following May. However, you should consider this decision carefully before committing. If you score a three or above on an AP test, I wouldn’t recommend going for a retake unless you’re extremely set on earning college credit for your work. Your AP score will have a minimal impact on your college admissions chances unless you’re applying to the most selective colleges with 1s and 2s.

From the College Board FAQ: “When we surveyed admission officers, more than 75 percent indicated that a low score on an AP Exam would NOT harm an applicant’s admission prospects.” The grade you earn in the year-long class is more important than your AP score for admissions purposes.

Retaking AP tests is expensive; it will cost you an extra $92! It's also a pretty big time commitment to take on additional studying on top of a full course load. Really think about whether it's worth it before you settle on your decision. If you still feel sure that you want to retake the exam, speak to your school’s AP Coordinator about registering. You can sign up through your school, just like you did the first time you took the test, except now your teacher won't be helping you through the process. It’s completely up to you to track down the coordinator and make arrangements to take the test.

body_trainingwheels.jpgIf you want to retake an AP test, you gotta shed the training wheels and ride your big girl bike over to the guidance office. If you really want to impress them, ride a unicycle.


Do Both Scores Show Up? Which One Counts for AP Scholar Awards?

Your score report will include all of your AP scores (including repeats of the same test) unless you choose to withhold or cancel scores. The difference between withholding and canceling scores is that when you cancel your score, it is permanently deleted, so it’s like you never took the test. There is no fee for canceling a score. Here’s the Score Cancellation Form that you would need to send into the College Board.

On the other hand, if you choose to withhold your score, it won’t be seen by colleges, but it will stay on record in case you want to send it later. It costs $10 per score to withhold scores from colleges that you originally indicated on your answer sheet. Here’s the Score Withholding Form that you’d need to send to the College Board. The deadline for both withholding and canceling scores for tests you took in 2016 is June 15th. If you miss the deadline, all of your scores will be sent to the colleges you indicated on your answer sheet.

If you choose to retake an AP test, only your highest score will count towards AP Scholar Awards, even if you don’t cancel or withhold your lower score. That means you don’t have to worry about your initial score ruining your chances at becoming an AP scholar if you show improvement on your second try.